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29 September 1987
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My name is Bryan Bonagura. I'm 18. I'm from Monroe, New York. I am a freshman at Plattsburgh State University. I am straight edge (no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco, no promiscuos sex). I am a writer. My favorite band is Green Day. I also love AFI and Davey Havok is awesome. I am a pacifist. So that's me.

"Not all martyrs see divinity." Tool

"Nobody likes you. Everyone left you. They're all out without you having fun." Green Day

"I know I died that night and I'll never be brought back to life once again." AFI
1000 hours, 39/smooth, 80s teen movies, a fire inside, adam carson, advent children, afi, aisle nine, al sobrante, anime, anti drug, anti violence, anti-flag, aqua teen hunger force, atheism, baseball, big boss, billie joe armstrong, c.j. ramone, chasing amy, chrono trigger, clerks, cloud strife, creative writing, davey havok, david wright, dee dee ramone, dogma, donnie darko, dookie, douglas glenn colvin, dragonlance, dragons, drug free, east bay hardcore, edgar allan poe, fall children, family guy, fantasy, ff7, ff8, fight club, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, final fantasy iv, final fantasy v, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, fire, futurama, gamecube, games, george lucas, good movies, green day, harrison ford, harry potter, hating humanity, hating the yankees, high fidelity, hunter burgan, ian mackaye, ian mckellen, insomniac, jade puget, jeff hyman, joey ramone, john cusack, john kiffmeyer, johnny depp, johnny ramone, kerplunk!, kevin smith, lars frederiksen, liquid snake, lord of the rings, lotr, mallrats, marky ramone, matrix, metal gear solid, metal gear solid 2, metal gear solid 3, metal gear solid 4, mike dirnt, minor threat, misfits, movies, n64, naked snake, nefara's wish, new york mets, nimrod, nintendo, nintendo 64, nirvana, pedro martinez, peter jackson, pirates of the carribean, plattsburgh, playstation, playstation 2, poetry, poison free, ps2, punk, ramones, rancid, reading, rinoa, rise against, rpg, saw, saw ii, sean connery, sephiroth, sing the sorrow, singing, social distortion, solid snake, song writing, star wars, star wars episode 3, steven speilberg, straight edge, suny plattsburgh, sweet children, sxe, the art of drowning, the breakfast club, the clash, the crow, the last samurai, the matrix, the misfits, tommy ramone, tool, tre cool, trigun, very proud of ya, video games, viggo mortensen, warning, when i come around, writing, zelda